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Christianity for Skeptics Lectures

Summer Fellowship Series

The Ezra Institute is having their Annual Summer Fellowship Series throughout the month of July. This years theme is “Christianity for Skeptics”. As a result, Keele is foregoing our regular Wednesday evening schedule and encouraging everyone to attend the lecture throughout July. They begin at 7:00 pm, each Wednesday.

Speakers & topics include:

  • Andrew Sandlin, “Are Christian sexual ethics outdated?”
  • Joe Boot, “Can Religion and State be separate?”
  • Victor Shepherd, “Why does God allow good people to suffer?”
  • Steven Lawson, “The witness of Stephen”
  • Scott Masson, “Is Jesus the only way to God?”

Growing Deeper (Adult)–gods at war

gods at warOf all of the sins you may or may not be aware of in your life, which top your list? Chances are that idolatry is somewhere near the bottom, just before wearing white after Labour Day! But, our reality, as people living in a fallen world, is that idolatry is a much bigger factor in our spiritual battles than we might think at first. In fact idolatry is a root sin from which most, if not all other sins, flow.

Join Grant on Sunday February 24 as we begin a new six-week study based on the “gods at war” video study. Check out the intro video and then plan to attend.