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Pastor-Eye-Zzed–The Wedding

The Royal CoupleFor the past month or so, I can’t count how many times I have either said or thought, “What’s the big deal?” when it came to the Royal Wedding that just graced the world’s stage this morning. To be honest, I felt like a Royal Grinch of sorts, which is strange since I am one of those Canadians that like the fact that we are part of the commonwealth and I enjoy all things British and I admire the Queen immensely. I even bought a copy of “The King’s Speech” last week!

Still, I don’t understand how obsessed everyone got and I doubly don’t get why it seems like the US was more interested than Canada in the Royals. What’s up with that? I basically put it down to the desire for a real fairy tale. What’s better than a real Cinderella story? So my take is that the relevance of the Royal nuptials has been fuelled by females worldwide as two billion people tuned in to see the happy couple tie the knot.

Now I am OK with the desire for real-life fairy tales. I understand that life has been a bit grim lately and we are all in need of a moral boost. Let’s face it, 2011 has been about bad news. We are all in need of a fairy tale of the real life variety, so even though the appeal of the Royal Wedding continues to be lost on me, I congratulate the happy couple and all those who have been swept up in pomp and circumstance.

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