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Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Sharing Place Food Bank Thanksgiving time is coming up and what better way to be thankful then to share with those in need? As you are most likely aware, all food banks experience greater demands on their already limited resources at this time of year. With this in mind, Keele Street and Maple Leaf Christian Churches have decided to help “The Sharing Place”, our local food bank, by a door-to-door collection on September 30th.

A special thank you from Keele and Maple Leaf churches for everyone in our community who gave! Thanks for sharing in tough economic times, it really means a lot!

Moving Back to Two Services

Back to two services

Fall is on it’s way. Summer is quickly becoming a memory. Things are starting back up. All of these things point to us going back to two services.

The switch-over will take place October 16th when we will move to a 10:00am and a 11:30am service time. More fun, more worship, more long-winded message!