Keele Street Christian Church is a non-denominational community church in the Junction/High Park area of Toronto with a strong multicultural focus. It is our desire to be a warm, inviting place where people from every tribe and nation feel comfortable as they explore and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please join us as we try to share and live out God’s message of love, hope, and new beginnings through the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.


Most of you know that I am not the most observant person. It takes a lot for me to notice things, that is unless I have a camera in my hand.  Give me a camera and I notice everything! I see things differently. I notice both fine detail and collective beauty. Maybe that’s why I love photography so much? When life becomes so blindingly distracting, I take great pleasure in seeing what other people walk by. I love seeing surprising vignettes of beauty, particularly when they are surrounded by ugliness.   

Of course, there is nothing special about me. I think we all have these two modes in our lives. There’s a lot we ignore, overlook, push aside, and hide.  And, there are some things we become enamored of or fixated on. Some things we just can’t see and some things we can’t not see. We filter life for the sake of the hope of self-preservation or for the comfort of self-delusion or the pursuit of self-interest. We all do it as a normal course of living, that is, until something shocks us and forces us to reboot.

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Our first live stream service!


In order to do our part to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19, we are moving our worship service from our public space to a FACEBOOK LIVE event at our regular time (Sundays 11:00 am). Click Here to access our live feed.


It probably should have happened a long time ago, but Keele now has a Twitter account.

The reason why we have finally left the tree and soared off into the Twitterverse is to aid in connecting us while we have to livestream our services as a result of COVID-19. It is our hope that the congregation can interact with the service and send prayer requests, questions, and just encouragement that you are out there and we are still together.

It is time for you to get your own twitter account. Just go to Twitter and sign up for your free account, then follow us @ChurchKeele.  If you already have an account, you know what to do!


Have you ever been in an earthquake?  I have. A few minor ones here in Toronto. That strange, oscillating, movement of a foundation that is usually solid and dependable, messes with you.  It makes your body betray you.  It radiates a signal that sends your nervous system into a panic.

Have you ever seen a tornado, up close and personal?  I have. I was in a security trailer, at Sheppard and Weston, as I watched a tornado rip a bus shelter out of its concrete anchors (I never did see where it deposited it). I saw it rip the roof off a factory building directly across from me, like it was the perforated cardboard top off a Kleenex box.  All this happened as close as 50 metres from my not-so-secure location. 

Some things we experience make our legs feel wobbly and our world feel wobblier still. Like, for example, mountains quaking and falling into the heart of the sea and the tsunami that follows.  (Psalm 46:2-3).  

This is not the stuff we normally experience. This isn’t the kind of thing we have reference points for that help us file our experiences under the “Not to worry, I’ve seen this before!” category.  

Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if we all had wobbly legs right now. I know that I, at least, do. It all boils down to not having a category to file all the rapid-fire, shifting, quaking flood of changes and information that both surrounds and isolates us.  It is all a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

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